Monday, 29 March 2010

Spontaneity is the key.

After what ended up being a longer evening than planned, I am now wading through over 400 photos of my first photo shoot of my lovely friend kerry. This was a semi-spontaneous idea as I realised that the spare room at home is half way through being decorated and is a beautifully blank canvas with bare walls and floorboards and possibly ideal as a 'location' for one or more of my trend shoots. However, it was a race against the light and I'm not entirely sure how successful the shots are with artificial lighting. But it was good to at least trial some styling and some initial shots to get used to the camera and what style of photo I wanted to get.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Nothing like home.

Finally back in the south for the Easter break (although will be working through most of it). Headed back down to west wittering beach this afternoon to get re-inspired and to step away from the stress and panic of the final project . It was pure bliss. Aimlessly wandered along the edge of the sea, snapping away with the new slr. Felt good to get out in the sea air even if it was pretty chilly. Loved photographing randomly discarded things on the beach, crabs, fish, fishing cage, shells. Really loved strolling the endless sandy beach and looking out to sea.